Become aware of your Co2 footprint

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See where you stand

Check if you exeed the daily limit for carbon emissions.

Reduce Co2

By avoiding things with a large Co2 footprint.

Track everything

From car journeys and electricity usage to food and clothing choices.

Raise Awareness

Become aware about your individual impact and climate change more relatable.

people Pic myClimatePal

  • We believe that small contributions from everyone can have a considerable positive impact on our environment. Many people, myself included, have little awareness about their own CO2 footprint. We want to change that with MyClimatePal.

    Valentin Wolf
  • The team made it super easy to calculate carbon emissions.

    Justin D’Atri
    Sustainability Change Manager at Zurich
  • Great app! Love to see my Co2 footprint on real data every day! It really helps to know what to avoid buying.

    Nathalie Lieckfeld
    MyClimatePal User

Go on, track it.

Become aware of your Co2 footprint and take steps to reduce it.

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